Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Understand Al-Quran

Assalaamu Alaykum!

The New Understand Al-Quran Course will start on Sunday 23 July 2017, In-Sha-Allah! Until Sunday 3 December 2017.
During this period of 4 months the first three books will be covered.

This course caters for the beginner student who has not done any formal Arabic language studies.
The student must however be able to read the Arabic script.  Students who cannot read the Arabic script are welcome to download a FREE E-BOOK that will help them to achieve this goal - by visiting;

Students who wish to register for this course can do so via email or WhatsApp.  Registration for this course will open from 1 May 2017.
See Contact Details.

We have decided to offer a special for students who register during the month of Ramadhan:
     Registration only  R20.00  (Normal registration fee = R150 per course)
     Books  3 x R60 =  R180.00
     Total =                   R200.00
     Monthly Fees  =    R120.00  (x 4)
     Total  =                  R480.00  +  R200.00 (Registration + Books)
     Grand Total  =      R680.00

     Further Discount for those who want to pay the full amount upfront, by 23 July  =  R600.00;

Further info will be provided soon, In-Sha-Allah.