Friday, 26 August 2011


REGISTRATION has closed for 2016.  Only students who've done some Arabic studies will be considered after March.  Students are welcome to register for 2017.

To receive the new registration form for 2017, please email the word: register and your full name and contact details to
You'll receive a form which you can complete in MSWord and email back to me. 
Or you can download the Registration Form BELOW and FAX it to me at: 0865713530

Alternatively Registration forms can be collected from the Islamic Library or the Gift Shop at the Gatesville Mosque (see pictures below). Late registrations may be done at the Gateville Mosque.  The time and date will be confirmed soon.  The info. regarding the room to be used, will be available on the notice boards at the mosque.

Registration Fee is R150/ R100 (children) -  (irrespective of the amount of courses).

Shukran (Thank you) for your interest.
Idrees Kamish


  1. Excellent. Up to Date. Well Done. Keep Up.

  2. Hey, I was wondering if you are still running this class and if I can join.