Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Assalaamu Alaykum Everyone!
We had a good response so far for the New Speak Arabic Course.  Last Sunday we had the Introduction and Registration.  Some students will register this Sunday (09/09/2018).  Those who would still like to join the class are welcome to do so.  It is very important to attend the first class on Sunday at 10.30.  Please send us your details if you'd like to register, so that we can ensure that there are enough notes available. See details on the poster below:

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

New Speak and Understand ARABIC COURSE

Assalaamu Alaykum to All
The New Speak & Understand ARABIC COURSE
will be offered from 2 September to 2 December 2018
This course will be every SUNDAY MORNING
from 10.30 – 12.00.
To REGISTER - please send the word: REGISTER
& your FULL NAME and contact details
(including your WhatsApp Number)

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Understand the Noble Quran this year - 2018

Salaam All

I've once again had a number of calls and queries regarding Arabic Studies during this year.
The Understand Al-Quran Course will start from next Sunday (4 February 2018) at Masjidul Quds.
This will be a continuation of the previous years studies.  New students who have done some Arabic studies in the past and those who did Books One and Two previously are however welcome to join the current group.  We'll revise the first two Books during the first 6 weeks.  During this time aspects from Book Three will also be introduced.

To support the new and existing students the audio lessons of the first two books will be made available during the revision period.  We will also provide all students with a complete list of all the vocabulary covered in these books.  The vocabulary will be provided in the form of flash cards which the students can carry with them at all times to help them revise the vocabulary.

Furthermore the Grammar covered will be summarised for quick reference and revision.

So, renew your niyah (intention) and be part of those who will have a much better understanding of the Noble Quran


Monday, 24 July 2017

Read and Write Arabic in Five Weeks!

Read And Write Arabic in 5 Weeks

Salaam All

Those students who wish to learn to read and write the Arabic script can register for a short 5 week course to learn this important skill.

The course will run on Sunday mornings only, starting on Sunday 30 July 2017, until Sunday 27 August 2017 - from 08.30 - 09.30 - at the At-Tayyibah School of Arabic, Gatesville Mosque, which is in Athlone, Cape Town.  Additional Audio and Video lessons will be sent to students during the weekdays via email and/ or WhatsApp.  Students will therefore get a number of exercises which will have to be done on a daily basis in order to perfect the skills of reading and writing Arabic.

Although this is not a language or grammar course, the meanings of all words dealt with will also be given.  The students will thus have the choice to learn these meanings in addition to the basic skills of reading and writing a foreign language with a completely different alphabet.

The course will concentrate on Quran Vocabulary.  Some elements of Tajwid-ul-Quran will also be covered to improve Quran Reading as well as general Arabic reading fluency.

The ability to read and write Arabic is an important skill for students who wish to study the Arabic language in future.

COST:  Only R100 (including notes) for students who register by 30 July 2017.
NB:  Please pre-register by sending your full name and a recent photo ASAP via email or WhatsApp message to idreeskamish@gmail.com / +27 720191949 using the words: Register - Read/Write Arabic.

For more information regarding this course, please visit: https://readarabictoday.blogspot.co.za/p/introduction.html
Benefits of this course

Thank you/ Shukran

Friday, 16 June 2017

Understand Al-Quran in 2017 - A Beginners Course

Understand Al-Quran in 2017
A Beginners Course

Assalaamu Alaykum (السلام عليكم)
The New Understand Al Quran Course:  نظام سليم بنعيم نحو تفهيم القرآن الكريم  - A Simplified Method Towards Understanding The Noble Quran, will start after the Hadj on Sunday 10 September 2017, In-Sha-Allah!  The course will run until the end of November this year.  The course will be offered at Masjidul Quds (Gatesville Mosque)
on Sunday mornings between 09.00-10.00.

This course which will cover the basics the Arabic language, whilst focusing on the vocabulary and ayaat (verses) of the Noble Quran, is aimed at beginner students who have not studied any formal Arabic before.  The student must however be able to read the Arabic script.  If the student can read the Arabic alphabet and a few words, that should suffice to start, although being able to read fluently (even without understanding the language at all) would be an advantage.  This course is not aimed at students who want to learn to read Al-Quran from scratch or who want to improve their fluency in reading (qiraa’ah).  Students who want to learn to read the Quran or the Arabic script for any other reason, are welcome to download our FREE e-book that will help them to achieve this goal in a very short time.  They can download the e-book from: http://readarabictoday.blogspot.co.za
Students who wish to understand the Arabic language and specifically the Holy Quran may proceed to register for this course.  They can pre-register by sending their full names, email address and WhatsApp number to us at: idreeskamish@gmail.com / ustattayyibah@gmail.com or +27720191949.  They should also send a recent photo of their face for registration purposes.

The course is open to everybody, males and females from age 14 and above.
FEES:  Normal Registration Fee R120 (per year/ course).  Monthly Fees R120 per month for adults and R100 for school children and students.  The Books are R60 each, i.e.  2 x R60 (R120).

Registration ONLY ………………   R100.00
(this reg. fee will apply until 10/09/2017);
Books 2 x R60 …………………….  R120.00;
Total upon Registration ………….  R200.00;
Monthly Fees   1 x 60 + 2 x R120 …………. R300.00;
Total for Course ……………………..  R500.00.
Students who have registered for any other course during this year will only pay R20 to register for this course!

FURTHER DISCOUNT:     for those who pay in full by 10 September 2017:  R450.00

For any further queries, please contact Idrees/ Ustaadh At-Tayyibah using the contact details above.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Understand the Noble Quran in ARABIC

For further details read below and email or WhatsApp your full name and contact details to ustattayyibah@gmail.com
 or 0720191949/ +27720191949