Thursday, 7 August 2014

Arabic Classes at Masjidul Quds

Arabic Classes at Masjidul Quds -
In response to a query regarding the class times:
There are three Sunday morning sessions:
1.  Understand Al-Quran (from 09.00-09.50)
2.  Speak Arabic (from 10.00-11.00)
3.  Advanced Conversation (from 11.15 -12.15)

The first two are beginners courses.

The Understand Al-Quran Course started earlier this year.  New students can however still join - since regular revision is built into the course.

The Speak Arabic Course just started last Sunday (03/08/2014).  Students may still join this week - however due to limited space we'll probably be forced to close the registration for this class.

The Advanced Conversation Course is offered to students who have a reasonable understanding of the grammar and a sound vocabulary.  This class is currently busy with Book 2 of the Madinah University course.  New students can still join this class if they have done enough Arabic to fit in.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Speak Arabic Today - New Class 2014


We had a wonderful response to the new Speak Arabic Today (SAT) class on Sunday morning.  More than 40 students have registered thus far, and few more have indicated that they'll join the class this coming Sunday (10/08/2014).

(Musalees in Gatesville Mosque)

The students have responded well to the lesson presented.  Everyone is very excited to learn to speak the Arabic language.  I have decided to add Grammar Notes to every lesson, so that the students can revise at home and get a better understanding of the structure of this wonderful language.The videos and CDs will become available from this week, In-Sha-Allah!

To those students who would still like to join, remember to email or SMS your name and contact details to me at / 0720191949.  There are however limited space available, so it has to be soon.  I would prefer it if nobody joins after this coming Sunday (10/08/14), because we'll be moving at a steady pace - and unless the student has a basic background knowledge of Arabic, it would be difficult to catch-up later.

The classes are being held at the Gatesville Mosque - in the Auditorium (upstairs).