Tuesday, 1 October 2013

2016 Arabic Classes

The New Beginners Arabic Courses 2016

A new Beginners Arabic Courses will be offered from February to November 2016.  These courses will be offered on Sunday Mornings at the Masjidul Quds Mosque in Gatesville from 9.00 – 10.30 am.  Classes will start on Sunday 7 February 2016.  A final introductory session will be offered on this day, prior to the start of the classes, to inform students about the course structure for the year.

This course will incorporate four courses, viz.  Read Arabic, Basic Arabic, Speak Arabic and Understand Al-Qurãn.  The course will therefore cover all the skills needed to fully use the Arabic language, viz. reading, writing, listening, speaking and understanding. 
The student should ideally be able to at least read the alphabet and a few words prior to starting the course, although these skills will be revised during the Read Arabic Course.

The main aims of this combined course are to get students to:  

1.  Speak Arabic with understanding;

2.  Read and Understand Ayãt-ul-Qurãn (Verses of the Qurãn) with tajwid;

3.  Read and Understand du’ãhs;

4.  Read and Understand texts from a variety of Arabic Books;

5.  Generate sentences and conversations in Arabic;

6.  Write Arabic correctly with proper letter formation;

7.  Understanding Arabic Grammar and Morphology.

 Although the course will be offered only once a week, the student will be expected to do exercises on a daily basis and join a student group  that will meet at least once a week in addition to the class.  The daily exercises will include reading and writing words and sentences, listening comprehension, memorising vocabulary and word patterns.  Students will be supported via the Madrasah At-Tayyibah Blog: http://schoolofarabic.blogspot.com/ .  Word lists, sample sentences with translations, exercises and memos will be provided via the blog or emailed to students on a regular basis.  Audio and Video support materials will also be available for sale to assist the student.

The finer details of the course structure and content will be dealt with during a free information session on Saturday 7 February 2015 at 9.00 am (Gatesville Mosque). Students who wish to do more advanced studies, are also welcome to attend.

Regitration will be open from December 2015 until 7 February 2016. Students may register via email or Whatsapp.  Late Registrations may be allowed at the Gatesville Mosque on Sunday mornings (between 10am and 12am) after 7 February - if space allows.  The registration form will be available via the Blog.  It may also be obtained from the Bookshop at the Gatesville Mosque from January 2016.

COST:  The Read Arabic Course and the Basic Arabic Course will be included at no extra charge.  The Speak Arabic and Understand Al-Quran courses will be offered at R120 donation for both courses .  The Registration Fee for all the courses will be R150 for the year.  These courses are all part of the First Year Studies which will take place on Sunday mornings from 9-10.30 am.

Further details may be obtained from myself (idreeskamish@gmail.com) or via the Madrasah At-Tayyibah Blog.

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