Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Read Arabic From the Alphabet to Al-Quran in Five Lessons!

Salaam All

Yes, due to the many requests I've received over the last few months, I've decided to offer an Arabic Reading course that consists of only FIVE LESSONS! (I am in the process of adding a Sixth Lesson)

The course was written by me about two years ago, however I've recently decided to revise it.  In the previous draft, which is available on my Read Arabic Today Blog: http://readarabictoday.blogspot.com/  I've included the letters, sounds and words.  I have now included sentences (from Lesson One) as well as some Suwar-ul-Quraan (Quran Verses).  Translations and transliterations are given throughout.

I have also decided to offer a short course during May and June 2013.  In fact the course is due to start this coming Thursday ( 2 May 2013).

What is the course all about?

The aim is to teach reverts and Muslims (or Non-Muslims who are interested) who cannot read Arabic at all or who struggle with Arabic/ Quran reading -  to read fluently. 
The course starts with the letters of the alphabet, followed by short words and then sentences in Arabic.  The unique feature of this course is that it aims to teach students to read words from the first session.  By the second session sentences will be read.  Five – Six Lessons will be covered over a period of eight – nine weeks.  At the end of each lesson the student should be able to read a few sentences in Arabic and understand the meaning.  During the last two lessons Athkaar and Short Surahs will be covered with their translations.

In the past I’ve only concentrated on teaching students who can already read the Arabic alphabet.  I have however been asked many times to offer a course for those who cannot read the script, hence I wrote this course.   The course will be offered free of charge.  Those who can, may donate towards the printing of materials.
Anyone who would like to attend the course, must please be at the Gatesville Mosque on Thursday (3 May 2013) evening from 7pm - 8.30pm.
Please inform your family and friends who might need this course.
See poster for details.


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