Friday, 22 November 2013

Free Arabic Classes in 2014


Final Registartion & Short Introduction on Sunday 26 January 2014.
Classes will start on Sunday 26 January 2014
at 08.30 - 10.00.

To obtain registration form:
or visit the Islamic Library or Gift Shop 
At the Gatesville Mosque

Monday, 14 October 2013

Eid Mubarak

We wish all Muslims an Eid Mubarak.
May you and your families enjoy a beautiful day this Eid ul Adha.
We further wish all Hujjaaj (Pilgrims returning from Makkah) a Hajj Maqbul wa Mabrur (A Blessed and Accepted Hajj). 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

2016 Arabic Classes

The New Beginners Arabic Courses 2016

A new Beginners Arabic Courses will be offered from February to November 2016.  These courses will be offered on Sunday Mornings at the Masjidul Quds Mosque in Gatesville from 9.00 – 10.30 am.  Classes will start on Sunday 7 February 2016.  A final introductory session will be offered on this day, prior to the start of the classes, to inform students about the course structure for the year.

This course will incorporate four courses, viz.  Read Arabic, Basic Arabic, Speak Arabic and Understand Al-Qurãn.  The course will therefore cover all the skills needed to fully use the Arabic language, viz. reading, writing, listening, speaking and understanding. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Read Arabic Today

The response to last night's class was wonderful.  People came from far and wide to learn how to read Arabic and Al-Quran.

We started with the First Lesson and managed to complete most of it.  Next week we'll revise for the sake of those who missed the first session.  I just hope they can still squeeze in, since the class was already quite full.

As promised, we started with only five letters of the Arabic Alphabet (ا ب ت ل ن ) and then immediately continued to read short word combinations using the three short vowels in Arabic  (ـَ  ـِ  ـُ ).  At the end of the Lesson the participants were amazed that they could read a few short sentences in Arabic and understand the meaning.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Read Arabic From the Alphabet to Al-Quran in Five Lessons!

Salaam All

Yes, due to the many requests I've received over the last few months, I've decided to offer an Arabic Reading course that consists of only FIVE LESSONS! (I am in the process of adding a Sixth Lesson)

The course was written by me about two years ago, however I've recently decided to revise it.  In the previous draft, which is available on my Read Arabic Today Blog:  I've included the letters, sounds and words. 

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Will speaking Arabic help you to understand Al-Quran?

How is it possible to learn and speak Arabic once a week?

It would be very difficult to learn any language, if the only exposure is once a week.  Students who are taking the Speak Arabic Today course, are therefore encouraged to practise the words and sentences covered weekly - on a daily basis.  Audio and video materials will be made available to help with this process.  It has been proven that if one listens and repeats the same sentences (with understanding) a few times, this helps a lot with communication.  Furthermore a number of oral and written exercises will be done weekly (which should be revised daily).  This ensures success. 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Speak Arabic in 2013

Assalaamu Alaykum Everyone

Initially I intended not to start a new Conversational Arabic Course this year (2013), since I had intended to rather concentrate on the existing students and improve their skills.  I must say: Al-hamdullilaah the students who started the Speak Arabic Today course last year, did very well.  They've managed to complete 6 lessons, covering 600 sentences in Arabic.