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Dear Students

I have decided to create a link to various Quran Programmes.  Some of the programmes are for on-line use only, whereas other programmes may be fully downloadable from various sites.  These are computer programes that will help the Quran reseacher or student who wishes to improve his reading, or check the English translation of certain ayaat.  Some of these programmes could also be used to find ayaat or specific words in the Quran.

1.  Tanzil - Quran Reader
     Click on the word:  TANZIL

2.  The Zekr Project
     The entire Quran with translations in a number of languages can be downloaded, free of charge from this site.  Please follow the link and read the directions pertaining to your operating system:

3.  Juz30
     Juz30 is an excellent programme for those who want to learn the proper way of reciting Al-Quran with Tajweed.  It is also great for those who want to memorise Al-Quran.  This is a fully downloadable programme which can be used off line.  There are many other useful downloadable ebooks available from the site, called ImaanStar.  Please follow the link and read the instructions.

Quran e-Books:
1.  Arabic - English Quran Dictionary
2.  Arabic - English Dictionary of Quranic Usage
3.  Atlas of the Quran
4.  History of Quran Text

More Programmes will be provided soon.
if you would like to suggest certain programmes, please send me the details via email or provide a comment below.


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