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Requirements to Study Arabic

Assalaamu alaykum to everyone.  I responded to an email I recently received requesting the requirements to study Arabic - specifically the COURSE: A Simplified Method Towards Understanding the Noble Quran - BOOK ONE.  I'm posting the email, as well as my response (I've left out the surname & email address of the brother, of course!). I'm sure others will find this very useful.

Assalamu Alaikum

I found your advertisement on the internet ( and would like to find out how do I go about registering for the course.

Also can you please advise the cost to register for the course, materials and if there are any pre requisites.

I have neglected my recitation of the quran/surahs in my youth, so would this course cater for my needs, will I struggle or does it cater to all levels of knowledge (beginners, advanced and etc)
I feel that learning how to speak and to understand Arabic will really help me to read and understand the Quran a lot better, so I am very interested in the course.

I also found information on the site about the madrassa and would like to know if there are any classes available for adults.

With regards to surah recitation, My wife and I would like to start from the beginning (small surat if possible) to ensure that our pronunciation is correct and progress gradually into the Quran.
We would also like to attend Fiqh classes if available.

Kind Regards

Assalaamu Alaykum Reza

Shukran for your interest.  As you saw on the attached poster, I intend to start a new, beginners class after Ramadhaan, In sha-Allah.  The course is aimed at beginners, i.e. those who have no knowledge of Arabic as a language (those who can't speak or read with understanding).  The only requirement is to know the Arabic alphabet/ recognize the letters & basic sounds. For those who struggle with letter/ simple word recognition, I am in the process of designing a literacy course - that will deal specifically with the pronunciation of each letter, followed by simple words like اب [ab] which means father, etc.  I will post some of these lessons on my blog soon In sha-Allah.

Since the main focus of the course is to get students to read & understand the Quran, we start of with words (attributes of Allah) - as you can see on the blog. These words are then broken up, so that students can read the separated letters and learn how to build words themselves.  Eventually we deal with ayaat (verses)/ short surahs (chapters) from the Quran.  In the books that follow, we deal with longer ayaat & surahs.  References are given throughout the course, so that everything can be verified in the Quran.  We cover all aspects of the reading process including tajwid (proper recitation of Al-Quran). We also cover the writing process - thus after the first two books the student should be able to write anything in Arabic (if they hear the word/ sentence).

The course is mainly for adults, i.e. students 14 years and above.  No one is too old to learn!  There are no other requirements regarding ability.  So students are accepted irrespective of the standard/ grade they completed at school.  Parents who wish to enrol younger children, say 10 - 13 years, are welcome to do so, provided there is an adult in the class that can help to supervise homework.  Yes, the course is designed, so that there are many exercises to ensure that every aspect is mastered. Homework will be given weekly - mostly reading and memorising the work covered, but also a few written exercises.  This is why nobody has ever failed any of the courses I offer, Al-hamdu lilaah!

For those who think they won't be able to cope/ learn Arabic, because they tried other courses, all I can say is: they haven't tried these.  By the will of Allah - they will succeed!  The cost is a monthly donation of R120-00, for those who can afford. Those who can't, can pay whatever they can afford. Those who register on or before 6 September will get Book One FREE.  Finally the audio recordings of everything explained in class are also available for sale to all students, or anyone else who wants to learn Arabic.  What can I say, Arabic is the language of the Quran - which Allah Most-High uses to communicate with us humans.  For us to understand and respond to His devine communication, we have to know the language.

Idrees Kamish

PS:  What I forgot to mention is: to register, you simply send me your full name and contact numbers (including email if possible) via SMS or preferably email.  Further details is optional to complete on the day of the first class (in this case Tuesday 6 September 2011).  However due to the volume of interest I have made the REGISTRATION FORM available.  To get your form simply email the word register to

To register click HERE