Understand Al-Quran:BkOne


This programme   نِظَام سَليم بِنَعِيم نَحو تَفهِيم القُرآن الكَرِيم  A Simplified Method Towards Understanding The Noble Quran, has been developed since 2004 by the author Muhammad Idrees Kamish, who is the founder and principal of the Madrasah At-Tayyibah, School of Arabic and Quran Studies.

This book, Book One, is the first of a series.  The approach is similar to that of the author’s previous series Enjoy Arabic, which introduces the student to conversational Arabic.  This series also focus on the introduction of the Arabic Language to beginners, however the main aim is to empower the learner to be able to read and understand the Holy Quran.  To facilitate these skills, a number of reading and translation exercises have been included.  Furthermore the learner’s writing and listening skills will also be developed.

In addition to the understanding of the Holy Quran, a number of Ahadith (Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad [saw]) and short duas (prayers) and niyas (intentions) will be incorporated in future lessons. 

Since the initial development in 2004, this programme has been taught to students at the Masjidul Quds in Gatesville, as well as at the Walmer Estate Primary School in Walmer Estate, Cape Town.  This programme has been revised twice before.  The format presented here is a simplified version, which was decided upon after Muhammad Idrees Kamish was requested to present the course on Radio 786 in January 2008.  After revising the first few lessons, the author started presenting this course over the airwaves.  The first broadcast was aired on 10 January 2008, coinciding with 1Muharram 1429. 


اَلْحَمدُ لِلّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِين  
Al-hamdu li-laah, All Praise is due to Allah alone.  My continuous gratitude goes to the Almighty, for His Mercy and Bounties.

I furthermore wish to thank all my past and present  students, especially those who are brave enough to continue attending the classes presented at the radio station.  Their levels of success inspires me to continue with this series. 

Shukran to the committees of the Masjidul Quds and the Walmer Estate Primary School for allowing me to conduct classes at their premises.

Finally I wish to thank Shanaaz Gool-Hamid and the management of Radio 786 for creating this opportunity.  A special word of thanks to the technicians for making it possible for all the listeners to enjoy this programme over the airwaves of Radio 786.