Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Two New Lessons Available

Assalaamu Alaykum

As Muslims, we are all aware that our holiest month, Ramadhaan (The month of Al-Quran) is around the corner.  Since this is the month in which all Muslims should strive to increase their Allah consciousness and attain closeness to the Almighty Creator, we are automatically urged to Read Al-Quran more and to increase our understanding of this Holy Scripture.

As a gift to all Muslims (as well as non-Muslims, who would like to understand the beautiful Arabic Language), I have completed two new lessons: 
     1)  Read Arabic Today - Lesson Five (http://schoolofarabic.blogspot.com/p/read-arabic-today.html );
     2)  Speak Arabic Today - Lesson Four. (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByGu70Uta4BxUXR1R0pCUHZpajA/edit ).

I trust you'll enjoy these lessons and put them to good use.  And, if you don't need them for yourself, please share with your family or friends who might need them.  After all Ramadhaan is also the month of sharing, so by merely sending someone else a link to this blog, you will receive multiple rewards, In-Sha Allah.

Remember the books and CDs of the Understand Al-Quran series are also available for sale to those who want to pursue self-study.  If interested please email me.  You are also welcome to post your comments below.  Some of these lessons are also available on the blog (http://schoolofarabic.blogspot.com/p/bkone-lessonfive.html )

Allah Knows Best.

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