Friday, 3 May 2013

Read Arabic Today

The response to last night's class was wonderful.  People came from far and wide to learn how to read Arabic and Al-Quran.

We started with the First Lesson and managed to complete most of it.  Next week we'll revise for the sake of those who missed the first session.  I just hope they can still squeeze in, since the class was already quite full.

As promised, we started with only five letters of the Arabic Alphabet (ا ب ت ل ن ) and then immediately continued to read short word combinations using the three short vowels in Arabic  (ـَ  ـِ  ـُ ).  At the end of the Lesson the participants were amazed that they could read a few short sentences in Arabic and understand the meaning.

For those who cannot make it to the class:  Send me an email and I'll forward Lesson One to you.  I'm especially keen to send it to Madrasah teachers or anyone else who either want to use it for self study or to teach a small group.

If you would like to read more about this course, or download the previous draft of the Lessons, please click on the Read Arabic Today tag or click:

Remember I'm in the process of revising the course.  I've already added sentences to each lesson.  I'm still planning to add a final Lesson with athkaar and more surahs.  So, if you do intend to attend the classes, don't download the current lessons, but rather send me an email to request the revised ones.

Finally I wish to thank the committee of the Gatesville Mosque for the use of their premises. My gratitude also goes to Radio Voice of the Cape for having invited me yesterday for an interview regarding the classes.

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