Thursday, 7 August 2014

Arabic Classes at Masjidul Quds

Arabic Classes at Masjidul Quds -
In response to a query regarding the class times:
There are three Sunday morning sessions:
1.  Understand Al-Quran (from 09.00-09.50)
2.  Speak Arabic (from 10.00-11.00)
3.  Advanced Conversation (from 11.15 -12.15)

The first two are beginners courses.

The Understand Al-Quran Course started earlier this year.  New students can however still join - since regular revision is built into the course.

The Speak Arabic Course just started last Sunday (03/08/2014).  Students may still join this week - however due to limited space we'll probably be forced to close the registration for this class.

The Advanced Conversation Course is offered to students who have a reasonable understanding of the grammar and a sound vocabulary.  This class is currently busy with Book 2 of the Madinah University course.  New students can still join this class if they have done enough Arabic to fit in.

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