Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Speak Arabic ASAP!

Alhamdu lillaah!!
One month has passed and still going strong.  Some people are still inquiring about joining the classes.  We normally allow late registrations up to the end of March, but student who would like to still join need to contact me ASAP via email (idreeskamish@gmail.com) or WhatsApp (0720191949).  I recommend that anyone who still want to join our Beginners or Intermediate classes this year, should do so immediately and not wait any longer.  Once they've contacted me, they can register via email or WhatsApp and start learning immediately, because the notes and audio lessons will be forwarded to them as soon as all information required has been received.  Space is limited, so do not delay, if you want to be able speak Arabic within the next two - three months!

We have covered quite a bit of work thus far and students are expected to revise daily.  Students are also expected to do daily assignments (reading and writing what has been covered).  Reminders and Revision Audios are sent to students regularly (about three or more times per week) to help them to revise, memorize, and improve their understanding.

In addition to the sentences and phrases, we have covered more than 40 verbs (Commands/ Instructions) so far, which is quite unique, since most other classes (traditionally) do very few (if any) verbs during the initial stages.  Knowing Verbs helps the student to understand Arabic much faster, because Arabic is a very structured language - based on a root system.  Since more than 80% of all roots are directly linked to the verb, it helps the student to learn much faster, by having a good understanding of how the roots work in Arabic and learning a large amount of roots as soon as possible.

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