Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Registration For Arabic Classes in 2017 - Extended!

Salaam Students and Interested Parties

We have decided to extend registrations for the 2017 Arabic Classes until the end of December 2016.  Late Registrations will be allowed in January if there is still space!  Those who register by 25 December 2016 will be granted an automatic discount.  They will therefore only pay R100 to register, instead of the R150 (Registration Fee).  The course fees are R120 per month for students taking the beginner and intermediate courses.  Those who take the advanced courses will pay R150 per month.  They may also attend the other courses at no extra charge.

The duration of the courses have also been changed.  Two semesters will be offered during 2017.  Students who register now will be registered for the First Semester Courses, i.e. from February to June 2017.  Students will have the option to re-register in July 2017 (at no extra cost) to continue with the rest of the courses.

They Courses on offer include:
1.  Understand the Noble Quran;
2.  Speak Arabic.

The Arabic Gammar Rules will be covered during both courses.  The Understand Al-Quran course will incorporate Quran reading with tajweed.

In order to be considered for registration, please send me an email or WhatsApp Message.  Please include your full name, email address and WhatsApp Number.  Also send a recent photo of yourself.


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