Monday, 24 July 2017

Read and Write Arabic in Five Weeks!

Read And Write Arabic in 5 Weeks

Salaam All

Those students who wish to learn to read and write the Arabic script can register for a short 5 week course to learn this important skill.

The course will run on Sunday mornings only, starting on Sunday 30 July 2017, until Sunday 27 August 2017 - from 08.30 - 09.30 - at the At-Tayyibah School of Arabic, Gatesville Mosque, which is in Athlone, Cape Town.  Additional Audio and Video lessons will be sent to students during the weekdays via email and/ or WhatsApp.  Students will therefore get a number of exercises which will have to be done on a daily basis in order to perfect the skills of reading and writing Arabic.

Although this is not a language or grammar course, the meanings of all words dealt with will also be given.  The students will thus have the choice to learn these meanings in addition to the basic skills of reading and writing a foreign language with a completely different alphabet.

The course will concentrate on Quran Vocabulary.  Some elements of Tajwid-ul-Quran will also be covered to improve Quran Reading as well as general Arabic reading fluency.

The ability to read and write Arabic is an important skill for students who wish to study the Arabic language in future.

COST:  Only R100 (including notes) for students who register by 30 July 2017.
NB:  Please pre-register by sending your full name and a recent photo ASAP via email or WhatsApp message to / +27 720191949 using the words: Register - Read/Write Arabic.

For more information regarding this course, please visit:
Benefits of this course

Thank you/ Shukran

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