Saturday, 27 January 2018

Understand the Noble Quran this year - 2018

Salaam All

I've once again had a number of calls and queries regarding Arabic Studies during this year.
The Understand Al-Quran Course will start from next Sunday (4 February 2018) at Masjidul Quds.
This will be a continuation of the previous years studies.  New students who have done some Arabic studies in the past and those who did Books One and Two previously are however welcome to join the current group.  We'll revise the first two Books during the first 6 weeks.  During this time aspects from Book Three will also be introduced.

To support the new and existing students the audio lessons of the first two books will be made available during the revision period.  We will also provide all students with a complete list of all the vocabulary covered in these books.  The vocabulary will be provided in the form of flash cards which the students can carry with them at all times to help them revise the vocabulary.

Furthermore the Grammar covered will be summarised for quick reference and revision.

So, renew your niyah (intention) and be part of those who will have a much better understanding of the Noble Quran


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