Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Speak Arabic in 2013

Assalaamu Alaykum Everyone

Initially I intended not to start a new Conversational Arabic Course this year (2013), since I had intended to rather concentrate on the existing students and improve their skills.  I must say: Al-hamdullilaah the students who started the Speak Arabic Today course last year, did very well.  They've managed to complete 6 lessons, covering 600 sentences in Arabic.

We ended off the year with them presenting their own dialogues.  They also wrote a final paper - and as expected the average mark was well over 80%.  Well done to all of them.

New Course for 2013?  A number of people have contacted me via telephone or email, requesting new classes for 2013. (By the way, those who tried to reach me via the 082574... number which was previously given among my contact details, probably got very frustrated.  I apologise for that, but that phone was stolen a while back and since then I have not been using that number.  My new number is 0720191949.  If I do not reply, please use one of the other numbers listed, or email me).

I have thus decided to offer a 1 hour Speak Arabic Today course on Saturday mornings, provided there is sufficient interest - that is: about 15 people registering for the new course.  This year the aim is to complete 1000 Sentences, In-sha-Allah.  The grammar that one needs to understand the Arabic language is explained in class. This year I will also provide some grammar notes for the benefit of students.  To register please complete the registration form and email it back to me.

The details of the new course is on the poster below:

Click on words below for registration form:

The Registration Fee is R100 irrespective of the amount of courses.
The monthly course fees will remain R100 per month per course.  Students who wish to take more than one course, may apply for a discount. If there are any further queries, do not hesitate to contact me.

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