Thursday, 31 January 2013

Will speaking Arabic help you to understand Al-Quran?

How is it possible to learn and speak Arabic once a week?

It would be very difficult to learn any language, if the only exposure is once a week.  Students who are taking the Speak Arabic Today course, are therefore encouraged to practise the words and sentences covered weekly - on a daily basis.  Audio and video materials will be made available to help with this process.  It has been proven that if one listens and repeats the same sentences (with understanding) a few times, this helps a lot with communication.  Furthermore a number of oral and written exercises will be done weekly (which should be revised daily).  This ensures success.  The students who attended this course at the Gatesville Mosque last year, successfully managed to learn and communicate using 600 sample sentences.  Due to their grammatical understanding, they could add to it and produce their own paragraphs and dialogues – which they presented orally towards the end of the year.  With the exception of a few students who opted to take the exam at a later stage (Yes, you have that option!), all the other students obtained passes between 80-95%.

Will this course help you to understand Al-Quran?

Yes, definitely!  Because we teach the Spoken Fushah (Classical Arabic) and not the Aamiyyah (Colloquial Arabic).  This is the language found in Al-Quran and in most books and magazines.  It is also found in all classical Islamic texts.  Arabs use this MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) throughout the World for educational purposes.  For more information regarding the MSA as opposed to Colloquial Arabic, please visit the Madrasah At-Tayyibah – School of Arabic Blog at ,  also read:

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  1. I actually took a course just to be able to read a bit of the Quran. With the firm Pajama Tutors Arabic Online I was able to learn quite a bit in a short period of time.